Tax Relief Attorney – What to Bring When you Meet With us The First Time

Once you have decided to have one of our tax relief attorney represent you in your dealings with the state or the IRS, you’ll need to come to the office for an initial meeting. In order to keep these meetings quick, simple and productive, we’ve come up with a pretty good list of things we’d like you to bring with you. By following this list, we’ll be able to move forward quickly and neither you nor our staff will be overwhelmed with unnecessary paperwork. Also keep in mind that if, after this meeting, we’re still missing things, it’s easy to fax, mail, or e-mail any remaining paperwork to our tax lawyer. So, what should you bring on day one when you meet with our tax relief attorney? Let’s get to that list.

  1. All the letters, reports, or notices you’ve gotten from the IRS or state taxation department.
  2. All your state and federal tax returns for the year or years that have come into question.
  3. Any correspondence between you and the IRS, state tax people, your accountant or return preparer or any previous representative that you’ve had involved in your taxes so our tax relief attorney can review.
  4. Any documents that are specifically related to the tax question(s) at hand. These can include receipts, canceled checks, child custody or divorce decrees, books, records, or data from tax prep software or accounting software you used. The key here is to narrow things down to just papers that will support your position with regards to what the tax people are asking about.

The thing to remember is that just because the IRS or state tax people are asking about your return doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong. With the right paperwork to back up your tax returns, you can, in many cases, get through the process unscathed but it is very helpful to have a New York tax relief attorney guide you through the process of obtaining tax relief.

By: Timothy S. Hart