Payroll Tax Issues

New York Lawyer to assist with Payroll tax issues related to your business? If you owe unpaid employment or payroll taxes, protect the future of your business by getting tax help today!

Commonly referred to as “Payroll Taxes”, they are the portion of Medicare and Social Security taxes that are withheld from the employees’ wages, along with a contribution of similar taxes by the employer.

Along with the payment of Payroll Taxes, Employers are required to file with the IRS an Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, that is commonly referred to as a “941 tax return,” and an Employer’s Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return within strictly specified time deadlines. The same general Payroll Tax payments and tax return filing requirements apply to all active employers with employees, whether they operate in corporate, limited liability company, partnership or sole proprietorship forms.

The IRS views the failure to properly pay over collected Payroll Taxes as a serious violation of the law. If a business fails to pay its Payroll Tax obligations, the IRS is authorized to collect the Payroll Tax due, plus additional substantial penalties and interest, related to the underpayment of the tax. The IRS employs Revenue Officers who concentrate in the collection of these types of tax liabilities. The IRS Revenue Officers aggressively pursue collection of unpaid Payroll Taxes directly from the business and in some cases from the company’s officers, owners, directors, and other responsible individuals. In many cases the IRS also tries to impose a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty when the Payroll taxes are not paid timely. In certain cases, the IRS may also recommend criminal prosecution of responsible individuals that intentionally fail to file their payroll tax returns, or pay the associated payroll tax liabilities owed.

Our tax law firm is experienced in defending various business entities and individuals against forcible collection action against their accounts related to unpaid Payroll Taxes. We also have extensive experience in assisting clients with establishing affordable tax payment plans to get them back on track with the IRS, and avoiding the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.

By: Timothy S. Hart

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