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    Violation of FATCA Law

    September 21, 2013 | FBAR

    Violation of FATCA Law In the last few years the US government has made it a top priority to crack down on overseas accounts that are not reported on US tax returns by passing the FATCA law. The current trend changed in 2009 when the US government went after UBS (a Swiss Bank) for facilitating fore... CONTINUE READING

    Tax Attorney, A few reasons to hire one

    September 10, 2013 | Tax Laws

    Tax Attorney, A few reasons to hire one Based upon our experience, these are the most common reasons why our clients hired a tax attorney. 1. You are afraid to deal with the New York State Tax Department or the Internal Revenue Service about your tax issue and you want a tax attorney to handle the matter. Our clients have the peace of mind knowing their case is being handled by a licensed professional with a tax law firm that has a A+ BBB rating.... CONTINUE READING

    Business Loss or a Hobby Loss for Taxes

    August 25, 2013 | Tax Laws

    NYC and Albany NY IRS Tax Attorney As Tax Attorney's located in New York, we often receive inquiries from clients who have a number of unfiled tax returns on whether a loss is a business loss or a Hobby loss when they contact us needing a IRS Attorney. If the loss is a Hobby loss, in general it can not be used to offset other forms of taxable income. In many cases, it is not a clear issue. The issue has also been a difficult one for the IRS to resolve, an... CONTINUE READING

    The New IRS Home Office Deduction

    August 2, 2013 | Tax Laws

    The New IRS Home Office Deduction About four (4) million workers in the United States work from home.  Starting with the 2013 tax year, the Internal Revenue Service is allowing a simplified home-office deduction. The rationale behind the new method of deducting these expenses is that it simplifies the record keeping that most people are not complying with currently which causes income tax audit issues. Therefore, this new method is good for people who do... CONTINUE READING

    Unfiled Tax Returns and the Issue of Criminal Conduct

    July 26, 2013 | Late Filed Returns

    Unfiled Tax Returns and the Issue of Criminal Conduct Usually, the most panicked clients to call me have not filed their tax returns in many years, and are worried that they may be arrested. Sometimes clients are being audited for nontax issues (for instance workman’s compensation insurance) by the State of New York, and the auditor mentions the taxes and that creates concern. The good news is th... CONTINUE READING

    Tax Tips for U.S. Citizens Living Abroad: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

    June 13, 2013 | Tax Laws

    Tax Tips for U.S. Citizens Living Abroad: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Some American citizens choose to live and work outside of the United States.  On the federal level, all US  taxpayers and resident aliens must report and pay taxes on their worldwide income, regardless if they live within or outside of the US. Taxpayers who reside overseas are given an automatic two month extension to file their returns, and this year the filing date is Ju... CONTINUE READING

    Determining Filing Status

    June 13, 2013 | Tax Laws

    Determining Filing Status When taxpayers file their income tax return, one of the first questions required is their filing status.  Filing an income tax return with the correct filing status is important for taxpayers; the filing status is used to determine filing requirements, the standard deductions, correct tax, and eligibility for tax credits. The correct filing status can not only impact the benefits you receive, and the amount of taxes you... CONTINUE READING

    Form 1040X: The Amended Tax Return

    June 6, 2013 | Tax Compliance

    Form 1040X: The Amended Tax Return Having your tax lawyer revising your Form 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, is done if information reported on the form is incorrect and changes the tax calculation.  Filing an amended return is the correct action to take if your original return is incorrect in the amount of income, filing status, number of dependents, deductions, or credits.  Taxpayers should also file an amended return to remove deductions and... CONTINUE READING

    Recordkeeping for Individual Taxpayers

    May 15, 2013 | Tax Compliance

    Recordkeeping for Individual Taxpayers One of the best ways to be able to prove your case in a criminal or civil tax audit is through your financial records. Unfortunately, most taxpayers are unaware that they have a legal responsibility to keep these documents for a specific time period and as IRS NYC tax attorney's that is where we can help. The statute of limitations for how long a taxpayer must retain their tax related documents varies by stat... CONTINUE READING

    NY State Tax Warrant: What to Expect and How to Resolve

    What Is a Tax Warrant in NY? How to Resolve New York Tax Liens The New York Department of Taxation and Finance (NYS DTF) can file a tax warrant against you if you have delinquent income tax, sales tax, or other N...