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When the government conducts a tax audit, it is represented by a team of well-trained tax specialists, tax audit examiners, CPA’s, and their own Tax Attorneys. If your tax return is selected for a tax audit, you need to take immediate action to level the playing field with your own tax experts and experienced, knowledgeable attorneys who specialize in tax law.

As you may have read, the IRS audit rates are rising drastically for all types of taxpayers due to the federal budget deficit. For example, within the past few years, the IRS tax audit rate for individual taxpayers has risen by more than 25%, and the tax audit rate for high-income taxpayers has nearly doubled during that time. In addition, the IRS is filing more federal tax liens today than any time in history.


IRS audits generally fall into one of the following three categories:

Office Audit at a local IRS field office

The office audit is a meeting set up with the IRS, and the IRS requests specific documents that you should bring with you to the meeting.

Correspondence Audits where the IRS send written questions

With this type of tax audit comes by mail and is done by mail. Typically, the IRS will ask you to mail to them certain documentation supporting various items that you filed on your tax return.

At-Home/At-Business tax audits

This occurs when you receive a letter that the IRS, and they request to have a meeting at your home or business office to conduct a tax audit. These are typically the most serious types of tax audit that a tax relief attorney can assist with.

Typically, the tax audit process begins when you receive a letter stating that your tax return has been selected for a tax audit examination. This does not mean that the IRS is accusing you of cheating on your tax return, or engaging in any other wrongdoing of any kind. However, the overall goal of the IRS audit process is to increase tax compliance and revenue collected by the US Treasury Department. The moment you receive notice of an examination is the right moment to seek tax counsel to protect your rights as a taxpayer to lawfully pay as little tax as possible.


The IRS has an appeals system for taxpayers who do not agree with the results of a tax examination of their tax returns, or with other adjustments to their tax liability.

The IRS will send a report and/or letter that will explain the proposed adjustments that they wish to make. The IRS letter will also tell you of your legal right to request a review conference with an Appeals Officer, as well as how to make such a request for a conference. In addition to tax examinations, many other things can be appealed such as penalties, interest, trust fund recovery penalties, offers in compromise, tax liens, and tax levies. If you request a Tax Appeals conference, be prepared with records and documentation to support your position that we will help you compile.

Appeals conferences are informal meetings. However, it is strongly recommended to have a tax attorney to represent you. If you do not reach agreement with the Appeals or Settlement Officer, or you do not wish to appeal internally within the IRS, you may appeal certain actions through the US Tax Courts, or federal courts.

As tax lawyers we specialize in many types of tax audits, including income tax audits, sales tax audits, payroll tax audits and a number of specialty tax audits so please contact our attorneys today to discuss your tax problems with our tax relief Attorneys.

By: Timothy S. Hart

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By: Timothy S. Hart