When you are facing a serious tax dispute, or trying to reduce the amount of taxes you owe, it is very important to consult with a New York tax attorney you can trust and who has the experience and energy to help you.


Timothy S. Hart, Tax Attorney and CPA

The Tax Law firm of Timothy S. Hart Law Group, P.C. and its founding partner Timothy S. Hart, Tax Lawyer & CPA, focuses on innovative solutions to solve your IRS and New York State tax problems. Mr. Hart, who is both a New York Tax Attorney and Certified Public Accountant, is a graduate of Widener Law School, a cum laude graduate of Siena College, and a cum laude graduate of the Masters in Taxation program at the University at Albany. Mr. Hart is admitted to practice in the U.S. Tax Court, and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the New York Bar Association. These memberships enable him to protect your rights. Call us now for a free confidential consultation with a New York Attorney who understands the tax laws.


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    • Timothy Hart was genuinely kind in his approach to assisting with my tax issue. His expertise in dealing with the IRS and explaining the process to me was always clear. I have to say that I panicked on a few occasions; however, Tim calmed me down with his steady and kind demeanor and explained whatever correspondence was causing me consternation. While my tax situation was totally my responsibility, Tim never judged or admonished me for the position I found myself in with the IRS.  Tim made the process painless and transparent. He was very timely in responding to my emails or phone calls (usually within a few hours, certainly not more than a day). I will highly recommend Tim to handle anyone’s tax issues (as he came highly recommended to me). I know that there are many firms out there that just take your money and do nothing to assist. Tim is not one of those people. I thanked the person who recommended Tim, and let him know that I will, in turn, recommend Tim to others. Thank you Tim for your honesty, integrity, professionalism and caring. We need more like you…

      S. Francis

      12/31/2016 Google
    • I came to Tim with a huge tax bill resulting from a foreclosure a few years prior. I procrastinated handling the issue and felt like there was zero hope for me to resolve. At the request of my family, I sought legal counsel. Not knowing where to turn to find a lawyer (it was the first time I had even sought such help), I researched the best tax lawyers online via YELP and other sites. Tim’s reviews were all very positive and some of them reminded me of my problem so I thought maybe he can help me too.
      I was nervous speaking to him for the first time. Completely intimidated and ashamed. He was totally professional, kind and passed no judgement. He only wanted to help me figure out a solution. He was easy to speak to and any confusing legalese was quickly explained so I could understand.
      As it turned out in the end, and after Tim’s deep dive into my returns and the tax law, he discovered that my accountant had made an error and the payment was not necessary. I owed nothing. Had I not sought Tim’s help, I can assure you that I would be sitting here still feeling the heavy weight of the IRS looming over me. He truly saved me.
      If you are desperate, afraid, confused by the IRS and/or owe them money and feel you have nowhere to turn, you must contact Tim Hart. You will not regret it. Don’t be afraid to make the first contact.


Sarah. V.

11/15/2016 Google
    • Tim was an invaluable help in resolving all my tax issues with NYS Tax and Finance and the IRS. Due to (insert your concept of extreme procrastination here, resulting in the eventual official IRS letter), I needed to file two years’ worth of state and federal taxes and was looking at potentially substantial interest and penalties. Tim was very thorough and reviewed the situation with me, took all my records and communications, clearly and thoughtfully answered all my questions, filed all overdue paperwork, communicated with both agencies on my behalf (I never had to talk to anyone other than Tim), and followed up with me at every step. He was very upfront about what he thought would happen, and it worked out exactly like he said. There was little or no guesswork. I am so happy to know him and although I hope I never find myself in this situation again, Tim is this first person I would call with any tax problem.

      12/17/2015 Google

      Tim worked very hard with me to resolve an issue with the IRS that involved the tragic untimely death of my best friend, my brother Melvin.My brother and I had planned on a local dive business and had started actively making plans when he died unexpectedly. To add insult to injury Hurricane Irene passed through our area and destroyed records associated with the first years business income and expenses.The agent wouldn’t hear any of that, kept demanding records and proof. Tim went above and beyond to help in the resolution with the agent’s supervisor. I highly recommend Tim and his expertise.

      1/18/2016 Google

    • I had business in NY and i had over 200K dispute with NY tax dept with the help of Tim Hart he settle my case less then 20K, that is a great achievement which did it. I will strongly recommend my family and friends to Tim for any Tax consultation. I am extremely satisfied. Best Wishes Farogh A Wien

      06/14/2015 Google
    • Tim was amazing!! He was extremely patient and helpful with all of our tax needs. He responded right away to any questions I had and always had the answer I needed. He helped me organize all the paperwork I needed to get together and helped our business through a really tough time. I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs help with the IRS. He is extremely knowledgeable and a master at what he does!! Words can not describe how helpful and amazing he was handling all of our needs!! Tim you have been a life saver to us and our family business! We wouldn’t have asked for better service! You are wonderful!

      03/07/2012 Google
    • I had created a rather large tax liability with both NY State and the IRS. After speaking with various people, Timothy Hart came highly recommended as someone I should meet. I quickly realized that this was the person I needed. He created payment plans for both NYS and the IRS that will repay my liability without causing major disruptions to my finances. I am very grateful to Timothy and would recommend his services to anyone.

      05/27/2014 Superpages
    • I was put at ease from the first phone call and the one visit to his office was the same ,I was in deep trouble when I walked in and when I left too ,but feeling 900% more at ease when I left . Mr.Hart has given me hope where I thought there was none never once did he scold me or question me as to how I got in this situation he was all ears listens and suggested options and allowed me to choose the one that I felt most comfortable with ,when I receive a letter from the IRS in the mail ,I will have a email from him letting me know that he has the same letter and not to worry he is on the job,thank you TSH.

      11/10/2013 Superpages
    • I came to Timothy Hart a few months ago when I got a notice from the IRS that i was being audited. Obviously, this was a difficult time for me but Tim and his staff provided me with a very detailed consultation and viable options. Needless to say Tim went to work right away. He requested a lot of documents from me but that was expected as he had to build a strong case. It was a month from the time I came to visit Tim to the time my IRS problems were resolved. He was fast, efficient and most importantly honest with me. I would highly recommend Timothy S Hart to anyone who needs an effective and honest Tax Attorney. -Avril

      11/05/2013 Superpages
    • Great lawyer for resolving tax issues ! From the very beginning I felt that Mr. Hart was very knowledgable and his customer service skills were excellent. He explained my options and walked me thru them all. I would definitely recommend his services to all my friends and family. Mr Hart kept in constant contact with me and was always there when I called,even when I had to leave a message, I recieved a call back in a reasonable time. Not only did he solve my tax issue, he also made it as easy as it could possibly be . Thank you Mr Hart !!!

      09/29/2013 Superpages
    • Best decision that I ever made. I hadn’t filed my tax returns in a few years due to procrastination, not having the money to pay the taxes, and fear because I knew I’d owe a large amount with all the penalties and interest added on. But I finally had to deal with the situation and I am glad I did. After doing some online searches I found Timothy S. Hart’s tax law firm. Tim put my mind at ease by explaining my options and what to expect of the entire process. Every step of the way he kept me informed on where things stood and what to expect. Tim has many years of experience and seems to have handled every possible situation when it comes to tax issues. It was fantastic to have him handle everything on my behalf so I never spoke to the IRS myself. He did everything! Ultimately, we set up a tax payment plan that I could afford. I cannot recommend Timothy and his firm highly enough for anyone that has back tax issues they want to resolve to be able to move on with their lives again.

      05/27/2013 Superpages
    • Tim worked with Sales tax department to work out a manageable plan until my business could be sold. Tim is honest and easy to discuss issues with he always gets back to you with an answer

      03/27/2012 Superpages
    • Mr Hart saved my business and me from serious jail time. I’d gotten 1099’s but didn’t file on jobs. IRS caught me and was to take me to court. I owed way more than I could afford with penalties. Mr Heart talked to IRS and came up with plan and rudeced amount owed. Saved my back end big time.

      02/29/2012 Superpages
    • Great deal of effort went into my tax law case, and I am very satisfied with the result.

      09/12/2015 Superpages
    • I worked with attorney Timothy Hart, who is also a CPA, and he helped me with an income tax problem I had with the IRS and NYS Tax Dept. I liked the idea they are a local firm. The whole process went smoothly, and the end result for me was great. His staff was also very helpful. Great Job and Thank you!

      05/22/2011 Superpages
    • I was unable to pay the total taxes owed and Timothy Hart, Esq. helped me with an offer in compromise and I settled the tax debt in full.

      10/26/2010 Superpages
    • Great Service!

      04/28/2012 Superpages
    • Mr Hart and is staff did a great job on my business tax case. I had not reported some 1099’s for a few years. Tim sat down with IRS and set up a payment plan that I could afford without closing shop. Tim … moreMr Heart and is staff did a great job on my business tax case. I had not reported some 1099’s for a few years. Tim sat down with IRS and set up a payment plan that I could afford without closing shop. Tim saved my business and saved me a ton of money.

      02/28/2012 Yahoo
    • I worked with attorney Timothy Hart, who is also a CPA, and he helped me with an income tax problem I had with the IRS and NYS Tax Dept. I liked the idea they are a local firm. The whole process went smoothly, … I worked with attorney Timothy Hart, who is also a CPA, and he helped me with an income tax problem I had with the IRS and NYS Tax Dept. I liked the idea they are a local firm. The whole process went smoothly, and the end result for me was great. His staff was also very helpful. Great Job and Thank you!

      05/22/2011 Yahoo
    • Mr. Hart was very helpful with my tax case and came to a very good result for me.

      11/21/2011 Best of the Web

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