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    Unfiled Tax Returns and Back Tax Help

    September 1, 2013 | Unfiled Tax returns

    Unfiled Tax Returns and Back Tax Help

    There is no need to worry if you have unfiled income tax returns and need back tax help. We have the knowledge and experience (as New York tax attorneys and CPA’s) to help you through this process, and once you hire us you will not have to directly deal with the Internal Revenue Service or NYS Tax Department related to your need for the tax issue.

    Since this is a serious tax issue, it is common that many companies trying to obtain your business to use scare tactics so you rush and hire them out of fear of being arrested. The fact is almost 99% of the cases the IRS sees with unfiled tax returns do not become a criminal matter. Almost always, the Internal Revenue Service is just looking for the unfiled tax returns to be filed and the taxes paid either in lump sum, or with a payment plan. Recently, a client came to me and he did not file since 1986. He worked for a hospital as a security guard. We were able negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service to limit needing to file his tax returns back to 2006, and then we setup a payment plan for the taxes he owed with no criminal charges or plea. As you might guess, NYS Tax Department is troubled by a non-filer who has not filed for many years. In fact, in New York, if a person has a history of unfiled tax returned they could face criminal charges for tax evasion. We understand the details of the New York tax laws, and we also know how to avoid criminal charges by going through a voluntary disclosure process with the State. In the case with the security guard, even though he did not file in many years the State agreed to not prosecute and only held him liable for taxes owed for the past six years. We set him up with an affordable payment plan so the end result will be that he will pay only a fraction of what he owed.

    When you don’t file, the Internal Revenue Service will file a return on your behalf, but the taxes they calculate will be much higher than if you prepared the returns with actual data since the Internal Revenue Service in their calculations make assumptions that increase what you owe. We have direct access to the IRS data, so once we are hired we can prepare correct returns and minimize the tax liability to the Internal Revenue Service. After the tax returns are field we can help with payment plans, non-collectible status, an offer in compromise, or abatement of penalties. As you can see, with our great deal of experience, if you have unfiled tax returns you should contact us for a no-cost consultation and get the back tax help you need.

    By: Timothy S. Hart

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