Helpful Links To Government Websites.

Here you’ll find some helpful links to government websites for both federal and New York state tax issues:


Federal Tax Resources

If you have unfiled returns or delinquent taxes due, the IRS may send you a variety of different letters and demands for payments. Some letters are just reminders of your balance due, but others are warnings about specific collection actions. To learn more, check out our resources page about IRS notices and letters. It features links to articles and IRS pages with more information. IRS Notices and Letters To learn more about applying for IRS tax debt relief programs, check out our resource about relief forms. It outlines different options you can use to resolve your tax debt, and it contains links to IRS tax relief forms.

New York State Tax Resources

In addition to dealing with IRS taxes, you also have to deal with state taxes. The requirements vary for individuals and businesses. Check out our guide to paying NYS taxes. Or look at these state tax resources to learn more about tax obligations in this state.

Other Helpful Topics

We Can Help You No Matter Where You Live.

Our New York tax law firm offices are located in New York State. We can help you set up NY payment plans or apply for other state relief programs. However, we can help you no matter where you live — we provide services in every state in the country. We also help people with IRS tax issues.

Attorney Timothy Hart

Timothy S Hart, the founding partner of the tax law firm of Timothy S. Hart Law Group, P.C. is both a New York Tax Lawyer & Certified Public Accountant. His area of expertise includes innovative solutions to solve your Internal Revenue Service and New York State tax problems, including tax settlements through the Federal and New York State offer in compromise programs, filing unfiled tax returns, voluntary disclosures, tax audits, and criminal investigations. [ Attorney Bio ]