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It is Never Too Late for a Tax Audit Defense

When you submit your taxes, you have a pretty good idea as to where you stand with the IRS or State. You basically know if you are going to owe money and you are expected to make that payment when you submit your tax return. If you are not able to pay this amount you are now in tax arrears and your problems with the IRS begin and you need a lawyer. This is where most people make their biggest mistake with their tax bill and then need tax relief.

If you are an individual with a tax bill on your hands the last thing you want to do is ignore it. You may have every intention of trying to pay it in the next few months when your financial situation turns around. You may even tell the tax agents who are calling you every week that this is your plan. Your good intentions however do not stop the potential fines, interest and barrage of tax notices. The stress and worry about your tax debt continues to grow.  The mistake you are making here is not handing your tax matter over to a tax law firm who knows how to take control of it. You are assuming the tax department is in control of this matter. To begin with you could have made a mistake on your taxes and you don’t owe the amount that is shown in the assessment. Or the tax department could have made an error which is not uncommon.

Often individuals are so intimidated by the perceived power of the IRS and the tax laws, that they make false promises of payment just to alleviate some of the stress on the constant requests for payment and out of fear of legal action such as bank levies or wage garnishments.

Once you put your tax matter into the hands of an attorney who handles tax law matters you no longer have to deal with the tax department. Your attorney takes control from this point on and his legal team will handle all correspondence with this government department. Most responsible citizens have no intention of trying to avoid paying the taxes they owe but it is merely their unstable financial situation that is preventing them from doing this. An unpaid tax bill looming over your head just adds to your financial stress. By having a tax professional take control of it, that very act alone shows the IRS that you are not avoiding your obligations by just ignoring them.

Another mistake that some individuals make is when they have been notified of a tax audit they feel it’s too late to do anything about their situation. This is certainly not the case and getting professional tax help as early as possible puts you in a much better position for obtaining a tax solution much faster. However at no stage of your tax dilemma is it too late to seek out professional help. Professional tax attorneys will suggest and represent you at an appeal once they have scrutinized your tax case and find that grounds to do so are present.

It seems to the average person that tax laws are pretty straightforward. You complete your tax returns and this determines if you owe money to the tax department or not. In reality, IRS tax rules and regulations are very complex. This is why using professional assistance by way of an experienced New York tax lawyer to handle your tax problems is so beneficial. These experts know the law as well as the IRS does and this gives the tax negotiators the knowledge they need to represent your tax issues in your favor. Just knowing that you don’t have to deal with the tax department on your own is a great stress reliever and gives you the comfort of knowing that you are being proactive with your tax problem as a responsible taxpayer even if you are not in a position to pay the amount owed.

By: Timothy S. Hart

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