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    Putting Your Unfiled Tax Returns in the Hands of a Tax Expert

    Quite often simply out of the lack of understanding of the IRS leads a great deal of people into potential tax problems. Individuals who know they are going to end up owing the IRS  money will simply not file their returns on time, in the hope that they can stall the much dreaded contact and demands for payment that the filing is sure to create. The good intentions are that when the financial situation changes in a month or two then the taxpayer will file and send a check along to cover the amount owed, and that will be the end of the problem of your unfiled tax returns.

    It sounds like a plan but most often is one that backfires. The months move quickly along and before you know it another year has come to an end and you still haven’t filed last year’s return. Now you don’t want to file this current year’s whether you owe or not, because you still don’t have the money to pay for the non-filed one. This is the beginning of the unfiled return merry-go-round. All of a sudden you are digging yourself into a deep pit with the IRS. So what do you do?

    The first thing you need to do is realize that tax problems never go away and they will simply get worse the longer you leave them. You do have an obligation to pay your tax bills but it also has to be understood that financial circumstances do arise on occasion that prevent this. The IRS may not be sympathetic to your financial situation, but you can be assured that by contacting a reputable NY attorney who understands the tax laws that they will be very familiar with your situation. These professionals fully understand that the majority of citizens are not out to evade their obligations but there are some people that simply are not able to meet their tax obligations at the present time.

    You may come to the realization that you need to address your tax problem of unfiled back income tax returns and resolve yourself to face the consequences. The fact that you realize that you must become proactive in your IRS problem is the right decision, but you should not do so with the thought that you have to accept whatever is demanded of you by the IRS. If you are not in a financial position to clear the taxes you owe then you need a professional such as a NY attorney who understands the tax law system to negotiate on your behalf. The whole idea of you getting your back taxes up to date is so you can work out a solution that is going to clear this debt.

    You most likely feel that there is no room for negotiating with the IRS tax department as this is the general perception that most people have. IRS tax agents do not make negotiating with tax payers an easy task as their job is to simply collect the amount of taxes owed. They do have the power to negotiate however, and this is where a professional attorney who understands the tax laws fits in. These lawyers know what the perimeters of negotiating powers are that is within the hands of the IRS agents.

    Once you retain the services of professional tax help, these attorney tax experts will start with the completion of your tax returns to make sure they are accurate. They will then file these on your behalf with the IRS and the State. Once the assessments have been completed and your tax lawyer agrees with the amounts he will then enter into tax negotiations with the IRS to arrange a workable solution for you to be able to meet your back taxes owed obligations.

    The final outcome may be that you have a IRS bill to pay but you will have received several benefits by letting a attorney tax professional handle this matter. You will now have the peace of mind of knowing that you are fully up to date with your filings. You do not have to deal with constant telephone calls demanding payments or fear a bank levy or wage garnishment. You no longer have to feel embarrassed about having an unaddressed tax matter looming over your head. You will also not have to second guess as to whether the amount you owe is correct as this will have all been verified by your NY tax law representative.

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