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Tax problems and tax resolution issues are complex; and if they aren’t adequately resolved, they can be financially and personally damaging. Whether you are facing an audit, have past-due tax returns, owe back taxes, need tax relief of an offer in compromise, or have been informed that you’re under investigation for tax fraud, our NYC tax attorney will work hard to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you.

When you are experiencing the stress and potentially life-altering impacts of a tax problem with the Internal Revenue ServiceNew York State Department of Taxation and Finance, or both agencies, you need help fast from a qualified tax professional.

Don’t wait to schedule your free consultation with our knowledgeable New York tax attorney Timothy S. Hart. Reach out to us online or call our New York City office at (917) 382-5142 to arrange a free consultation. Our NYC tax lawyer at Timothy S. Hart Law Group, P.C. is licensed to handle IRS tax issues nationwide, and NYS tax issues.

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Why Choose NYC Tax Attorney Timothy S. Hart?

If you reside in the New York City region, you need a NYC Tax Attorney with the correct relevant experience resolving complicated tax problems with the IRS and New York state tax department who can understand you situation and present it in a more favorable light. Timothy S. Hart is both a NYC tax attorney with 20-plus years of related experience and a respected NYS certified public accountant who holds a master’s degree in taxation. He is admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

His practice concentrates in tax resolution, and his understanding of tax laws and how to resolve tax problems is extensive. His record of success in assisting many clients resolve their tax problems and the positive feedback he consistently gets from his tax clients of which he is most proud. When you need a NYC tax attorney you can trust him to stand up for you with tax authorities and reach the best outcome. Look no further than our NYC tax attorney Timothy S. Hart.

How Our Tax Attorney Can Help You Reach a Better Outcome

NYS Tax Attorney and CPA, Timothy S. Hart works directly with his clients resolving their tax problems. He does not delegate the work to his staff. He understands the anxiety and despair a client feels when they get that letter or phone call from the IRS or New York Department of Taxation and Finance demanding payment of overdue taxes or when the have a large tax debt. With a talented tax attorney at your side, you can take a deep breath, create a workable strategy, and find a path to resolving the tax problem.

Types of Tax Issues our NYS Tax Attorney helps with.

Tax Settlements

We provide Tax Debt Relief services. The IRS & NYS both have programs in place that allow for tax relief through such programs 1) Offer in Compromise where you settle on paying a lessor amount, 2) Installment Agreements (full or partial payment), and 3) Currently not Collectible status.

Offer in Compromise (OIC)

An offer in compromise allows the taxpayer to pay less than the full tax debt amount; it is an agreement between the IRS or NYS and the taxpayer. IRS and NYS will not agree to an OIC if they believe that the liability can be paid in full as a lump sum or through payment agreement. If the amount offered by the taxpayer is greater than or equal to the RPC (reasonable collection potential), the IRS or NYS will accept an OIC. RPC includes the value that can be realized from the taxpayers current and future assets and future income. Since it is difficult to tell if an offer in compromise will work, we offer a free consultation to determine if an offer in compromise has a reasonable chance of success.

Currently Not Collectible Status (“CNC”)

This means that the taxpayer has no ability to pay his or her tax due. This status just applies to the IRS. IRS can declare a taxpayer as “Currently Not Collectible” after they receive adequate evidence, and such evidence is usually obtained from submission of a Form 433-F, Collection Information Statement, to the IRS that shows a financial hardship to pay the tax debt in monthly payments, or all at once.

Partial Payment Installment Agreement

Requesting to pay in installments is less time consuming than requesting for an OIC. Through this system, the taxpayer can pay back his tax debt in regular monthly installments (with interest). Once the terms of the installment are fulfilled, the remaining debt is forgiven. Such partial payment installments are a very easy way to get out of IRS tax debt with the help of a tax lawyer.

Unfiled Tax returns

It is always better to file your tax returns, even though you can not pay the taxes owed since it lowers the failure to file penalty which can amount to about an extra 25% fine. Unfiled tax returns and penalties that they accrue are a substantial risk. If the IRS owes you money, you will not receive the refund unless you file a tax return (e-file or paper filing). If you do not file in three years from the tax filing date, your anticipated refund will be lost forever. If you owe tax, the IRS will file a substitute tax return, at the highest tax rate possible. They will then take steps to collect the tax debt, even though it might be the wrong amount. The IRS often shares these calculations with the state tax authorities, and they charge a tax bill as well. The states also have the power to revoke your driver’s licenses for not paying your taxes, thus the penalties can be very harsh.

Unfiled tax returns and penalties for not filing and not paying on time accrue until the tax is paid. There are limits, such as 25% of the tax owed for not filing on time at a rate of 5% a month, but overall the quicker you pay the taxes, the lower the tax penalties will be. Therefore, it best to reduce the tax penalties to avoid paying thousands more in taxes than what you would have owed. If the tax remains unpaid, they can issue a income tax levy. A tax levy is where they take your property (often money in a bank account or your wages) in order to satisfy the tax debt issue. Therefore, it best to try to settle with the IRS before they levy since once they levy they will not give the money back if it is owed.

You can settle your taxes for less than what you owe, but there are a lot of complications, so each case needs to be analyzed on its own merits. From a high-level perspective, the chances of a tax reduction through a settlement is best when a hardship, financially or otherwise, can be proven. Often, if a person has minimal assets, and moderate income, a settlement that is favorable to the taxpayer can be reached. This is the case since it will be possible to prove the taxpayer will not be able to pay the taxes owed. It also is possible to have the IRS declare your tax account uncollectable if you can not afford to pay them back. Unfiled tax returns and penalties go hand in hand. However, the IRS likes this status over the settlement process since there is always a chance they will be paid back. The IRS will stop collection activities, but the interest and penalties mount so the issue in some ways is not getting better. The IRS will review your account every one or two years, to make sure your financial situation has not changed. If you can create an installment agreement, this is often the best answer since the penalties charged will be lower with a payment plan than if you do not have one.

It is best to not ignore the IRS and NYS and deal with them in an aggressive manner and to avoid negative issues, like wage levies, or taking your money. You also want to resolve the issues so you do not face IRS criminal issues.

IRS and NYS Tax Audits

A notice of a tax return audit by the IRS or NYS can take any individual and business entity in a dilemma of what to do next? If you are an honest taxpayer and your accounting books well-prepared, you need not worry. You just need to confidently and wisely answer the questions of the tax auditor. A tax audit is simply an examination and inspection of your account books or your face-to-face interview with the auditors to ensure you don’t have any discrepancies and false reports in tax returns. Whenever you are selected for a tax return audit, the IRS notifies you by mail. It isn’t necessary that if the IRS informs you of a tax return audit, then there are some problems with your tax return.

Why Take the Assistance of a NYC Tax Attorney?


As mentioned in the above section, tax attorneys are specialized in dealing with all types of tax matters, including tax debts settlement and tax audits. A tax attorney can interpret the law best, possibly in your interest, to protect your properties and defend your case.

Expertise in Smartly Dealing With the IRS and NYS:

For taxpayers, it is very tough to smartly answer all the questions IRS & NYS auditors ask during the auditing period. A single misleading answer can lead you to a big problem. Therefore, it is better to hire a tax attorney that can smartly handle your case in your interest. We have expertise in intelligently dealing with the IRS revenue officers and NYS auditors. They know how to keep abided by the tax laws while smartly settling your case in your interest by protecting your assets and financials.

Reducing Penalties and Tax Liabilities:

Tax liability is always a burden for all taxpayers. Everyone wants to get rid of tax liabilities as soon as possible because it increases every month. A tax attorney or tax law firm can help with reducing penalties.

Your not alone when you hire us

Most people benefit from having a tax attorney assist them when they are dealing with a tax problem. Most people feel intimidated if they receive an audit notice or owe a lot in taxes. Our NYC tax attorney, who has helped many taxpayers resolve their tax problems with the IRS and the New York State Tax Department, since they have a very extensive level of expierence dealing with tax issues. You will be able to sleep at night knowing they are on your side.

If you have a serious tax issue, get help from an NYC tax attorney who will stand up for your rights. Call Timothy S. Hart at (917) 382-5142 to set up a free consultation.

No matter what your issue, when our NYC attorney takes on your case, he will give it the serious attention that it deserves. The tax laws and regulations are very dynamic and complex. Get help you deserve from a NYC tax lawyer who not only understands the tax laws but has years of experience helping taxpayers get relief. Contact Timothy S. Hart, Esq. CPA today.

Attorney Timothy Hart

Timothy S Hart, the founding partner of the tax law firm of Timothy S. Hart Law Group, P.C. is both a New York Tax Lawyer & Certified Public Accountant. His area of expertise includes innovative solutions to solve your Internal Revenue Service and New York State tax problems, including tax settlements through the Federal and New York State offer in compromise programs, filing unfiled tax returns, voluntary disclosures, tax audits, and criminal investigations. [ Attorney Bio ]

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Whether you have a personal or business tax problem, it can cost you a lot of money. Depending on the issue, you could also face legal issues and other penalties. Don’t take chances with your finances or your future. The IRS and state tax agencies have skilled legal advisors who assist them in pursuing taxpayers for payment. If you have a serious tax problem, you can level the playing field by having a skillful tax attorney represent your interests.

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We know you have choices when it comes to NYC tax lawyers. When you choose our tax attorney for your tax issue, you will get the comprehensive knowledge of a skilled tax attorney who is also a licensed certified public accountant. This in-depth background and experience can be advantageous to individual and business taxpayers in resolving their tax problems.

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