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When Does the IRS Come for Back Taxes?

9 March, 2024 | Late Filed Returns Tax Debt Uncategorized

How Long Until the IRS Comes After You for Back Taxes? Navigating federal back taxes can be daunting, to say the least. If you’ve got unpaid or unfiled taxes to deal with, it’s natural to feel some stress about the possible repercussions. The first step forward is understanding how long it takes for the IRS to initiate collection actions for back taxes. From there you can get a look at the bigger picture of your own situation. As of early 2024, the IRS has recently begun... CONTINUE READING

How Your Unfiled Taxes Won’t Let You Sleep Soundly?

23 November, 2022 | Late Filed Returns Tax Debt

No one likes to carry any kind of debt on them, especially when it is the debt of unfiled taxes for which you might have to pay huge penalties and even go to jail (in very limited cases). So, it is never too late to correct your mistakes and speedily file the tax returns and get the situation under control. Often, you might need the help of a tax lawyer to reduce penalties and make the process go smoothly and reach a solution you can afford to pay. He... CONTINUE READING

Why Should You File Your Due Returns Now?

6 August, 2021 | Late Filed Returns

Why Should You File Your Due Returns Now? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sends one or more notices to you when you fail to file your tax returns on time. These notices contain detailed information about your past due returns and some guidelines that tell you what you need to do further to fill your due returns. If you get these notices from the IRS, then you should file your due returns as soon as possible ot... CONTINUE READING

Tax Payment and Filing Due Dates

13 March, 2018 | Late Filed Returns

Tax Payment and Filing Due Dates In everything that you do, may it be sending a report, providing updates, completing a required agenda, making payments, etc., doing and finishing it on – time is always a plus. This is especially true with filing and paying your Federal and State Income Taxes.  For individual taxpayers, before understanding and fully knowing what it is going to happen if your Federal Income Tax is not filed and paid on time, first you... CONTINUE READING

Help Back Taxes

15 December, 2013 | Late Filed Returns

Help Back Taxes Help back Taxes That is a common call for help that we hear as New York Tax Attorneys & CPA's. In most cases the problem is compounded with a threat of an income tax levy by the IRS, or an income execution by New York State. In some cases once the tax returns are prepared no taxes are owed, but in most cases taxes are owed a... CONTINUE READING

How to file back taxes?

28 November, 2013 | Late Filed Returns

How to file back taxes? Often, the first question I am asked as a NY Tax Attorney by a client is "Am I in criminal trouble" for not filing my tax returns, and the second question is how to file back taxes?. The first step to resolving this tax issue is to determinate the  number of tax years that have back taxes owed. The only way to det... CONTINUE READING

Unfiled Tax Returns and the Issue of Criminal Conduct

26 July, 2013 | Late Filed Returns

Unfiled Tax Returns and the Issue of Criminal Conduct Usually, the most panicked clients to call me have not filed their tax returns in many years, and are worried that they may be arrested. Sometimes clients are being audited for nontax issues (for instance workman’s compensation insurance) by the State of New York, and the auditor mentions the taxes and that creates concern. The good news is th... CONTINUE READING