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    Category: Tax Issues

    Tax Identity Theft and the IRS IP PIN

    11 June, 2023 | Tax Help Tax Issues

    Tax ID Theft It has been become very common to hear news about identity theft where confidential information is being stolen and used to steal a person’s money by taking over the identity of that person. Most often the start of that process begins when sensitive data is stolen by a data breach. There are many forms of identity theft. For tax purposes, this occurs when a person or entity obtains your social security... CONTINUE READING

    What to Expect If You Receive IRS Notice CP14

    3 June, 2023 | Tax Issues Tax Levy Tax Liens Tax Relief

    If you don't pay your tax bill, you will eventually receive notice CP14. As of May 2023, the IRS has announced that it is going to be sending out millions of these notices. This is part of the agency's plan to ramp up collection activities after going relatively dormant during the COVID pandemic and its aftermath. The agency also plans to start sending more CP501 notices from its automated collection system. What does this m... CONTINUE READING

    What Does IRS Notice CP2000 Mean? What to Do?

    1 June, 2023 | Tax Issues Tax Laws Tax Notices Uncategorized

    Taxpayer's Guide to IRS Notice CP2000 What to Expect if You Receive a Notice About Underreported Income The IRS sends out Notice CP2000 to taxpayers who have underreported their incomes. This notice makes changes to your tax return, and if you don't respond, you will incur a tax bill. Wondering what to expect? Not sure why you got this notice? Then, keep reading for an overview. To get help now, contact us at The Timothy S. Hart Law Group, P.C., toda... CONTINUE READING

    Overcoming NY State Back Taxes: Relief and Consequences

    12 March, 2023 | Offer in Compromise Tax Debt Tax Issues Tax Relief

    Get Help With New York Tax ProblemsRelief Options and Consequences of Unpaid Taxes or Unfiled Returns in New York If you get behind on your tax payment or filing obligations in New York, the Department of Taxation and Finance (DTF) may issue tax warrants, garnish your wages, or seize your assets. You will also incur penalties and interest if you don't file or pay your taxes. Being in this situation can be very stressful, but there are many ways to get... CONTINUE READING

    How to Determine whether You are Resident Alien or Not for Taxes

    10 October, 2022 | Tax Issues

    The United States is known as an inclusive country. People from all over the world study, work and live in this country. As an international student or foreign worker, you may ask the question, what is my US tax status when I have income. Below I will give you a starting point when you ask this question or struggle with this issue. Resident alien or a Non-resident alien The first step in resolving this tax problem is to understand if you are a resident alien or a no... CONTINUE READING

    Know Your Fundamental Rights As the IRS Tax Payers

    21 November, 2020 | Tax Issues

    Know Your Fundamental Rights As the IRS Taxpayers Obligations are obvious for the IRS taxpayers but at the same, every taxpayer has a set of fundamental rights they must be aware of. A very few taxpayers in the United States know all of their fundamental rights for dealing with tax returns and tax audits with the IRS. While th... CONTINUE READING

    All You Need to Know About Economic Impact Payment

    14 August, 2020 | Tax Issues

    All You Need to Know About Economic Impact Payment The ongoing outbreak of COVID 19 has badly affected each and every person all over the world. Despite the passing of dark days of five months, it has continued to do damages. As of now, the world has nothing to prevent and eliminate it. That means there is uncertainty about how long it will last. The individuals have been struggling for jobs, businesses and organizations are in a huge loss, and government bo... CONTINUE READING

    The Effect of COVID 19 on IRS Tax-Related Operations

    3 July, 2020 | Tax Issues

    The Effect of COVID 19 on IRS Tax-Related Operations COVID 19 has badly affected the whole world. It posed the danger for both the health and economic factors of all countries. As of current status, the United States of America is the biggest victim of Coronavirus. This pandemic affected the daily legal operations of the United States. The Internal Revenue Service’s operations are also affected due to the threat of the spread of COVID 19. If you are a t... CONTINUE READING

    The IRS OIC Program

    26 December, 2019 | Tax Issues

    The IRS OIC Program When you read advertisements, such as "Settle your Bank Taxes for pennies, Free Tax Evaluation Now!", you need to pause and consider whether the services will be helpful to you, or will they just cost you money with no relief to the bank taxes you owe. While it's true the IRS has a program that allows taxpayers to settle their tax debts for less than the to... CONTINUE READING

    Back Taxes Help in NYC & Albany, NY

    29 March, 2018 | Tax Issues

    Tax Lawyer - Albany NY and NYC - Back Taxes Help There are many reasons why people fail to file their income tax returns and need back taxed help in the Albany Capital region to NYC area. In some instances, the taxpayer just forgets to file, is too busy, can’t afford the resultant tax bill, or some even thought they did not owe anything, so there was no reason to file the return. Form the viewpoint of the IRS, and typical state tax authorities, the reas... CONTINUE READING

    How Far Back Can the IRS Go for Unfiled Taxes?

    Title: How Far Back Can the IRS Go for Unfiled Taxes? Meta description: The IRS can go back an unlimited amount of time for unfiled tax returns. Don't wait for the agency to find you. Be proactive about dealing with back taxes. How Far Back Can the IRS Go for Unfi...