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Letter 9297 – IRS Has Assigned a Revenue Officer to Your Case

5 August, 2023 | tax collections

The Taxpayer’s Guide to IRS Letter 9297 If you receive IRS Letter 9297 (Summary of Taxpayer Contact), that means an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) revenue officer is working on your account, and the agency needs your financial information. The IRS typically assigns accounts to revenue officers when taxpayers have compliance issues, a substantial back tax balance, or the agency’s automated approach has failed to collect payment. You likely have several questions... CONTINUE READING

Comprehensive Guide to New York Sales Tax for Businesses

Business Owner's Guide to New York Sales Tax Sales tax in New York is a consumption-based tax imposed on the retail sale of tangible personal property and certain services. The state requires individuals and businesses to pay sales tax when purchasing taxable goods and services. For...