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IRS Form 15103: Why and How to Complete It

5 May, 2024 | Tax Relief Unfiled Tax returns

IRS Form 15103: Why Did I Get This Form and How Do I Complete It? Sometimes, it can be hard to know if you are required to file a tax return or not. However, if you don't file a return and the IRS thinks that you should have filed, the agency will send you a notice. This often comes in the form of a CP59, CP516, CP518, or similar notice, along with Form 15103. If this happens, are you in trou... CONTINUE READING

Tax Help and the IRS Currently Not Collectible Status

16 January, 2024 | Tax Relief

Tax Help and the IRS Currently Not Collectible Status Title: "Unraveling Tax Complexities: An In-Depth Guide to Navigating IRS’ Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Status" Introduction Obtaining hardship status with the IRS, also known as Currently Not Collectible (CNC) or status 53, becomes more than a mere convenience – it transforms into a crucial necessity for those genuinely grappling with financial distres... CONTINUE READING

How to Appeal Collection Actions With Form 9423

9 October, 2023 | Tax Relief

IRS Form 9423 and the Collection Appeals Program When it comes to collecting debts, nobody beats the IRS. One reason the IRS is so good and recovering unpaid taxes is because the agency has powerful tools at its disposal, such as tax liens and levies. Yet the IRS isn’t perfect, and they sometimes get it wrong when trying to collect taxes. Because... CONTINUE READING

How Far Back Can the IRS Go for Unfiled Taxes?

8 September, 2023 | Tax Compliance Tax Relief

How Far Back Can the IRS Go for Unfiled Taxes? Meta description: The IRS can go back an unlimited amount of time for unfiled tax returns. Don't wait for the agency to find you. Be proactive about dealing with back taxes. How Far Back Can the IRS Go for Unfiled Taxes? There is no limit to how far the IRS can go back for unfiled taxes. If you haven't filed for years and you're worried that the agency may come after you, that's a valid concern. Legal... CONTINUE READING

What to Expect If You Receive IRS Notice CP14

3 June, 2023 | Tax Issues Tax Levy Tax Liens Tax Relief

If you don't pay your tax bill, you will eventually receive notice CP14. As of May 2023, the IRS has announced that it is going to be sending out millions of these notices. This is part of the agency's plan to ramp up collection activities after going relatively dormant during the COVID pandemic and its aftermath. The agency also plans to start sending more CP501 notices from its automated collection system. What does this m... CONTINUE READING

Overcoming NY State Back Taxes: Relief and Consequences

12 March, 2023 | Offer in Compromise Tax Debt Tax Issues Tax Relief

Get Help With New York Tax Problems Relief Options and Consequences of Unpaid Taxes or Unfiled Returns in New York If you get behind on your tax payment or filing obligations in New York, the Department of Taxation and Finance (DTF) may issue tax warrants, garnish your wages, or seize your assets. You will also incur penalties and interest if you don't file or pay your taxes. Being in this situation can be very stressful, but there are many ways to get relief. At The Timot... CONTINUE READING

Penalty Abatement Policies- First Time and Recurring

15 October, 2022 | Tax Penalties Tax Relief

NYS and IRS Penalty Reduction Penalty relief can be successfully sought by negotiating penalty reduction with the IRS, and NYS Department of Taxation and Finance. In order to achieve penalty relief from either agency it may require being able to prove reasonable cause. Penalty reduction is important since the amount of overall tax debt attributable to penalties can be close to 50% of the total tax bill owed before penalties are added in. If this is your first time with a tax pen... CONTINUE READING

How long can the IRS collect taxes you owe?

22 September, 2022 | Tax Relief

A question I often get from clients with a tax debt is how long can the IRS collect taxes you owe? IRS Statute of Limitations There is a statute of limitations on collection of taxes, and it is generally 10 years. Once that time expires, you are free from the remaining unpaid tax debt and the IRS cannot collect from you unless they go to court and create a tax judgement which is rare. When I say generally they have 10 years to collect, there are a few is... CONTINUE READING

Innocent Spouse Relief Tax Rules

1 March, 2014 | Tax Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief In September 2013, the tax law was revised to greater benefits for those who are seeking tax relief related to debts incurred when they signed a joint tax return was an ex-spouse. The new tax law increases the chance that the Internal Revenue Service will hold that the ex-spouse is not liable for the sins of the other. Clients who are seeking this type of relief would benefit greatly from an attorneys assistance in correctly documen... CONTINUE READING

Innocent Spouse Relief

12 November, 2013 | Tax Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief There are various favorable tax related reasons to file joint tax returns, but did you know that by doing this you and your spouse are each jointly 100% liable for the entire amount of the tax? This tax law is referred to as joint and several liability. This can certainly present problems, if one of the spouses understates income or misuses deductions, for example, without the knowledge of the other spouse. It is common in many marr... CONTINUE READING