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IRS Form 15103: Why and How to Complete It

5 May, 2024 | Tax Relief Unfiled Tax returns

IRS Form 15103: Why Did I Get This Form and How Do I Complete It? Sometimes, it can be hard to know if you are required to file a tax return or not. However, if you don't file a return and the IRS thinks that you should have filed, the agency will send you a notice. This often comes in the form of a CP59, CP516, CP518, or similar notice, along with Form 15103. If this happens, are you in trou... CONTINUE READING

When the IRS Files for You: Substitute for Return (SFR)

8 April, 2024 | Tax Help Unfiled Tax returns

IRS Substitute for Return: What Happens When the IRS Files a Return for You? Statistics from 2023 show that individual taxpayers collectively owe over $316 billion to the IRS in overdue taxes. Many of these taxpayers failed to ever report their taxes, and in these situations, the IRS has the right to generate a substitute for return on their behalf. These tax return estimates often greatly over... CONTINUE READING

What If You Don’t File Taxes for One to 20 Years?

22 March, 2023 | Tax Debt Unfiled Tax returns

Taxpayers Guide to Unfiled Taxes Based on Different Time Frames The consequences of not filing your taxes vary based on how much you owe and how long it's been since you filed. If you haven't filed taxes for several years and you're worried about what's going to happen, you are not alone. Many people are in the same situation. The good news is that there are ways to catch up on your unfiled returns, and the process may be easier tha... CONTINUE READING

The Facts You Need to Know About Unfiled Taxes and Paying Penalties

20 December, 2021 | Unfiled Tax returns

The Facts You Need to Know About Unfiled Taxes and Paying Penalties For most IRS taxpayers, April 18, 2022, is the annual deadline for filing their federal income tax returns and other due taxes for the preceding financial year. It is very important for every taxpayer of the United States of America to file their tax returns before or on the annual deadline of filing tax returns as the consequen... CONTINUE READING

Unfiled Tax Returns

17 April, 2013 | Unfiled Tax returns

    Unfiled Tax ReturnsNew York Tax Attorney offering tax help with unfiled tax returns (aka back tax returns or past due tax returns) for clients who are unable to pay the taxes owed. Let us help you put an end to your tax problems, including wage garnishments, income tax liens, and income tax levies. As an experienced tax attorney, we know how to navigate the system to get the best result for you. Once the IRS contacts you regarding your unfiled tax... CONTINUE READING